Our Services

SWS Group is equipped to offer our customers the following services:

  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Field training seminars
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance programs
  • Facility renovations and upgrades
  • Service/repair, warranty and non-warranty
  • Sales
  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem solving
  • Prison design and construction

With our extensive experience and excellent reputation, SWS Detention Group is able to work with architects and owners to find effective and logical solutions to the problems faced by the prison industry, whether it be the design of a new facility or upgrades to an existing one, recommendations on security issues and integrated control systems or servicing the more basic personal inmate care requirements.  Our exclusive line of high quality and extremely durable detention furniture allows us to offer correctional facilities piece of mind security, as well as provide expert solutions to any law enforcement or correctional facility needing to add or upgrade furniture, or outfit new institutions.