SWS Group

SWS Group was established in 1999 and has since grown to be one of the most successful Canadian providers, distributors and contractors of intensive use products and services nation-wide. From our roots in the corrections industry, SWS has grown to incorporate and excel in other similar markets such as Behavioural Healthcare, Education, and other Specialized Markets.

Not only has our staff grown since our inception in 1999, but so have our product offerings. At SWS Group we strive to provide the best possible solution for all of our customers. We aim for excellence in our customer service and product knowledge with a focus on safety, both for patients and staff. We also focus on innovation when it comes to our product offerings, ensuring that we are providing a product that exceeds our customer’s needs.

At SWS we believe that our product expertise, combined with years of exemplary customer service and support has made us into the thriving company that we are today.

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SWS Group has been a supplier of security and detention products and services for over 15 years. We supply nearly all of Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Municipal Corrections Facilities, as well as most of Canada’s minimum, medium and maximum security correctional facilities. Our corrections customers also include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Young Offenders Centers, Police Departments and Provincial Sherriff’s Departments.

Behavioural Healthcare

At SWS Group, our philosophy when it comes to Behavioral Healthcare centers on creating a more positive psychological mindset through patient and staff surroundings. Although our primary focus always remains on the safety of staff and patients, we are trying to move away from that ‘institutional’ look and feel by introducing interior products and finishes that provide color, texture and the use of various materials.  SWS Group has had the privilege of consulting on and directly participating in the resign and/or upgrades of several Behavioral Healthcare Facilities as well as Mental Healthcare Facilities.


At SWS Group, our extensive experience and excellent reputation lends itself perfectly to the education market. Our exclusive line of high quality and extremely durable furniture is the perfect fit for Campuses and Student Dormitories alike. Whether it be outdoor common areas, campus dormitories or student common areas, SWS has the best selection of innovative and attractive furnishing and finishing options.

Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing market served by SWS Group refers to supportive – yet temporary – accommodations that are meant to bridge the gap between homelessness to permanent housing by offering structure, support, life skills, and sometimes education and training. Due the high volume of traffic and average length of stay at these facilities, the level of wear and tear on the facilities furnishings is extremely high. Which is why we strive to provide a product that will not only withstand intensive use situations, but will also be safe for both clients and staff.

Specialty Markets

There are many other markets that we can service and consult in. These markets include places such as fire halls or fire stations, Military Barracks, Oil Rig Camps, and Employee Dining Areas. However we also serve more commercial markets such as specializing in commercial seating for Airports, Bus Stations and Train Stations; we have also provided many products to TV or Film Production Companies. We are expanding into new markets every day and constantly finding new applications for our products and services.